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No matter which climate Window Magic KOMMERLING windows and doors are installed - they contribute to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your house. As the design of KOMMERLING system prevents thermal bridging, the thermal insulating performance of the finished window is exceptionally good. The glazing is also of utmost importance for good thermal values, also contributing to a substantial energy saving. Window and door systems from window Magic KOMMERLING eliminate the problems of water condensation on the window pains inside the house. In official tests, the KOMMERLING window profiles easily pass the test for Class 1 according to DIN 4108 (thermal conductivity of window materials) thus fulfilling the highest demands for thermal insulation.


life longWindow Magic KOMMERLING uPVC window and door systems do not require regular repainting and expensive maintenance. They do not rot, warp nor corrode even in tropical and salty coastal climates. Therefore, there maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning and does not involve any further costs.


The extrusive process of Window Magic uPVC window and door profiles is relatively energy efficient, compared to other materials. Another benefit: where Window Magic uPVC has been specified as an alternative to wood, the rate of deforestation is slowed. Window magic uPVC window and door systems are environmentally friendly as they can be fully recycled and reused for the production of uPVC profiles.

  • Greenline is eviron-mentally friendly.
  • Greenline is cost efficient.
  • Greenline enhances performance.


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