Aluminium Casement Windows

aluminium casements windows

Aluminium Casement Window

Windows Magic is committed to transforming your home with world-class window solutions at your doorstep. Our products offer a contemporary style blended with a unique design to give your home and office a sophisticated and modern look and feel. Our Aluminum casement windows are the perfect option for giving your home an aesthetic look at a competitive price.

The Aluminium casement window range adds an element of style to your living space. These designs are fabricated by architects and home d├ęcor experts to give your home the best finish. We, therefore, ensure modern aesthetics, excellent functionality and top robustness to give you the latest and the best service.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy Efficient: We offer a built in triple sealing feature which helps in maintaining the desired temperature inside the house.
  • Negligible Maintenance: One can choose from single- and double-glazing options. Aluminum casement windows with double glazing are more weather resistant.
  • Improve Security: We provide multi-point locking system for improved security.
  • Block Rainwater Seepage: Aluminium casement window comes with a drip bar that insulates them from seepage.
  • Graceful and Effortless: Our designs are high on style and functionality. The aluminium casement window frames are built to last and are easy to maintain.
  • Noise Insulation: Our products boast of fusion welded joints, multiple point locking systems and double seals to ensure noise insulation.