Benefits of uPVC

Benefits of Aluminium

Benefits & Advantages of using of Aluminium

Product Comparison Sheet

Tested for high wind pressures High Height and Wide Width in single shutter possible. Wide/Customized Color Options Longer life cycle. Superior sound insulation Energy Efficient
1 High impact resistance Premium Aluminium Windows
2 Unaffected by temperature
3 Corrosion resistance Benefits of aluminium Windows
4 Resistance to exhaust fumes and building industry chemicals
5 Aging resistance

Here are some of the key benefits of aluminum windows:

  • 1. Durability If you stay in a high-wind area, you can choose aluminum frames which are always a good choice. Aluminum window frames are strong, lightweight, resistant to elements, and completely corrosion and rust-proof to withstand the harshest conditions.
  • 2. Energy Efficient Another benefit of aluminum window frames is that they provide good insulation with high energy efficiency and performance that will help you to contribute to the overall energy-saving efforts and money on electricity with the right window glass.
  • 3. Low maintenance Aluminum window frames require limited maintenance as they are easy to clean and never lose their color. Along with this, they never need to be painted. All you can do is a good clean with soapy water twice to keep them looking bright and shiny.
  • 4. Fire resistant The most benefit of aluminum window frames is that they are fire-resistant, which makes them a safe choice. They should installed by a professional who has experience working with BAL-rated construction materials.
  • 5. Eco-friendly If you have decided to do a home renovation or replace your home window frames, you can choose to use aluminum window frames as they can be easily reused multiple times because of their sustainable nature and can be turned into something new and useful.
  • 6. Affordable Compared to timber, the most advantageous benefit of aluminum window frames is you can save money as aluminum windows are more affordable compared to materials like uPVC, which is generally weaker and less efficient.
  • 7. Modern look Lastly, the benefit of aluminum window frames is that they are an essential component of modern homes and buildings, with slick simplicity that can be contemporary to any structure. Also, aluminum window frames can be adapted or softened with a powder coating to achieve any look, feel, and color you want.