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Window Magic- The concept of Upvc doors and windows re-defined

Overview of Indian fenestration industry The Indian fenestration sector has undergone plethora of changes in terms of material usage and engineering over the last few decades. Wood windows have been in use since the birth of the building construction. Other building elements like steel and aluminum came much later, i.e., in late 20th century, and

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Add More Elegance To Home With Stylish & Beautiful uPVC Doors

The construction industry is a growing market today. To stay ahead in the competition, it needs constant innovation in the industry to present visually appealing contemporary uPVC doors that are the true blend of elegance and excellence. Our uPVC doors and windows exude the pinnacle of excellence. They have become the first choice of architects,

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Sliding doors- the age of swipe and shine

What are Sliding Doors? A sliding glass door, patio door, is a type of sliding door which , is a large glass window opening in a structure that provide door access from a room to the outdoors. Sliding doors are commonly found as store, hotel, and office entrances. They are also mostly used in elevators,

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Window Magic- Most upcoming and promising player of the Indian fenestration industry

Fenestration Industry of India The Indian fenestration industry has undergone plethora of changes in terms of engineering and material usage over the years. Wood windows have been in use since the birth of the building construction. Other building elements like steel and aluminum came much later, i.e., in late 20th century, and only recently uPVC

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How does double glazed windows work?

In relation to home windows, double glazed home windows are gaining recognition with each passing day. Any door and window producer, promoting uPVC doorways and double-glazed windows will validate this fact. There are a number of reasons that make contributions to the developing demand for Coloured uPVC Door and double glazed home windows. The advantages

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Window Magic- A name to reckon with in the Fenestration Industry

Upvc door and window prices Modern homes are stylish, secure, and pragmatic. They make lasting impressions on guests and onlookers while staying true to the owner’s personal style. Moreover, durability and versatility are a must-have in these homes. Since windows and doors define the overall outlook and features of a house, they act as a


Window Magic- A Name for the Future of Fenestrations

Window Magic offers a plethora of customized windows and doors for its esteem customers across different categories throughout the length and breadth of India. It is one of the few companies, which engages the uber modern German UPVC technology, to manufacture all its doors and the windows. The current product offerings by the company are

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Cherish Exceptional Quality with Window Magic’s uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows

There are a large number of people who get confused between uPVC windows vs wooden windows and are stuck in a dilemma. They need to understand that uPVC windows are seen as an exceptional alternative to wooden windows due to their low maintenance benefits. Even when we think about the cost of wooden windows vs

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uPVC windows quote-Prerequisites before replacing windows

Replacing or putting in home windows may be demanding for lots of house owners. Whether it’s deciding on which kind of windows are best for you, choosing the proper type of glazing, or maybe considering if you want new windows at all, there are loads of factors to take into account. To make the system

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Compare uPVC Doors and Windows vs wooden windows and their Benefits

Unplasticized PVC or uPVC doors have taken the global doors and windows market by storm, thanks to the many benefits that these products offer to users. Advantages that keep your class apart Let’s know about some of such benefits!  Fire and noise resistant, energy efficient, environment-friendly, wind resistant, thermal insulation, and requires little maintenance Lasts