Bring Positivity with Vastu Shastra While Planning Doors & Windows of Your Home

Every time someone enters your home, the very first thing they notice is your windows and doors. Considered to be one of the most essential furnishing in any house, windows and doors define the class of the residents. It has the potential to make the house look elegant or plain.

In today’s age, we see that lot of homes are planned keeping Vastu Shastra in mind. Vastu Shastra is the ancient science that helps in promoting positivity, peace and harmony between nature and mankind. It is believed that a house built according to Vastu keeps the family at peace and brings good luck and positivity. It is also believed that homes where the doors and windows are not built with these principles may invite negative energies. Therefore, given below are few Vastu tips, one needs to remember while planning doors and windows of their home.

  1. Windows and doors of a house should be in even numbers.
  2. The main door should never be obstructed by a tree, plant, staircase, poles, etc.
  3. The entrance door should not have a temple directly in front of it.
  4. The doors need to be adorned with positive decorative items
  5. The doors and windows need to be planned opposite to each other in order to complete the positive and negative cycles. This also enables proper air circulation with or within the house.
  6. If the house has two main gateways, one needs to opt for a combination of doors towards East with North and West, West with North and East.
  7. The windows should be planned towards the North wall and should be long and wide. This lets the morning light to filter through without obstructions.
  8. Avoid windows that face towards South-West direction as they invite harmful, hot & penetrative ultraviolet rays of the sunlight, which are projected in that direction.
  9. All the windows should be uniform and proportionate.
  10. The doors in the house should not be placed at the centre of the wall.
  11. Avoid automatic doors as they have the tendency to bring health issues for the children.
  12. Doors and windows with crack should be replaced immediately.

Therefore, if you are planning your home, do remember to build it as per Vastu. One of the best uPVC Windows Manufacturers, Window Magic manufactures windows that are designed keeping Vastu in mind. Bring positivity and let your life be at peace. If you are looking for uPVC Windows, you need to contact Window Magic and talk to their professionals.

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