Don’t want to change your wooden windows & doors? Think again!

Are you stuck with your age old wooden doors and windows? Do you think you can’t find anything better and appealing? Well, it’s time for you to reconsider, as uPVC is here to change your perspective.

uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a rigid and chemically resistant form of PVC and is used for pipework, window frames and other structures. This material has varied benefits adhered to it and is one of the most widely preferred material for door and window frames.

If you think you don’t want to change your wooden doors and windows, you must understand the benefits with uPVC and give your thoughts ‘a second thought’. Apart from having different benefits over its wooden counterpart, they also have an aesthetically appealing outlook that has the potential to attract everyone.  They are long lasting, light weight, easy to fit, easy to clean and eco-friendly. Moreover, they are an excellent thermal insulator, which helps in saving energy while reducing your electricity bills.

Let us explain you the benefits of uPVC windows and doors over wooden windows and doors.

  • uPVC windows and doors are resistant to biotic decay, corrosion, termite attack and more, and are much more durable than the wooden ones
  • Being light weight these windows and doors are easy to install and easy to maintain
  • uPVC windows and doors do not require a protective coating, unlike the wooden, aluminium or steel doors and windows
  • One can find wide array of designs and colours in this genre of fenestration. In fact the colours do not fade at all
  • They are inexpensive as compared to wooden windows and doors and do not require any maintenance. This makes them economic
  • Moreover, users can reinforce the uPVC windows and doors with steel in order to make stronger, making them perfect for windy locations
  • Not just that! Their highly weather-proof feature gives them the perfect edge for all climatic conditions, which you would not find in their wooden counterparts
  • uPVC windows and doors are not affected by grease, salt, oil, cement, etc. this makes them a perfect choice for not just homes but also for industrial constructions
  • You can also erase and polish the stains and marks from these windows and doors without much hassle
  • When it comes to design, you can have from the most elegant designs to the most creative ones, suiting your home requirements `

Therefore, if these aforementioned features really enticed you, you need to get your home windows and doors changed into uPVC. One of the renowned manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors, Window Magic brings to you assorted designs that exemplify innovation, elegance and of course ease. Designed with German Technology, these windows and doors come with all the above mentioned benefits along with fascinating designs like, Casement, Sliding, Tilt and Turn, Designer Windows, Conservatories and more.

uPVC windows and doors by Window Magic are perfect to give your home the indulgence that it deserves. Pick your choice of fenestration from the wonderful collection offered by Window Magic and refurbish your home.

With Window Magic, your home will definitely love you back!

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