Add Elegance to you place with uPVC Casement Windows

Having an incredible home and office space do not happen by chance. uPVC windows and doors are an essential part of the design. One such type is the casement doors and windows. These windows are also known as side hung windows. Casement windows come with many features and benefit that makes it an important element for designer home and office space.


  • Casement windows and doors open from both inside and outside.
  • They are offered in a combination of open able and fixed patterns.
  • The outer frames of these windows and doors are connected to the sash through friction hinges.

These uPVC windows and doors suit all types of houses and interiors. These windows are a great choice if you want to spruce up your space a bit. Having a number of benefits, casement doors and windows are the smart choice for you. Some of the major benefits of casement windows are

A varied range of sizes:

Casement windows come in various sizes and can be customised according to the needs of the customer or space. These uPVC doors and windows come in different minimum to maximum width and height ranges. They also come in open and fixed patterns

Easy access

Casement windows and doors have no obstructive railings that provide an easy access. These windows are easy to open and its interior screens make these windows perfect for installation in any nook and cranny of your space.

Clear view: With the help of these uPVC windows and doors, India there is no barrier in the clear view of the world. Casement doors and windows make it easier to soak up on the beautiful scenery outside. uPVC windows, India brings in more sunlight and ventilation into homes. These casement windows and doors make the home or office space look visually huge and highly appealing.

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