Keep your house safe from intruders by opting for Window Magic’s uPVC Products

upvc DoorsWindow Magic never compromise with style for functionality as each window has the flare of making any home more desirable. Tilt and turn windows create a healthier living environment by circulating fresh air while keeping your family safe from intruders. Window Magic’s experienced team can help you in selecting the right windows to meet your home’s unique performance requirements and design style. Window Magic aim has always been to create a variety of windows that satisfy your needs, whatever they may be with Window Magic Tilt and Turn Windows, you can enjoy numerous striking benefits.

Tilt and Turn Utility

Tilt and turn window works in two ways. Window’s tilt utility helps in opening the top of the frame inside for the ventilation of air while the turn function of window makes an inside access side bend operation. You can clean window from inside plus it can be used for the purpose of emergency exit. In addition, you can slide the casement 10 cm allowing air to come inside the room. Window magic offers a variety of customized features to suit any style including a diverse selection of colors, glass types and handle types. Our Tilt and Turn windows and doors can be used for new construction or replacement of old windows and doors.

Window Magic not only provides tilt and turn windows but the company is also renowned as one of the best uPVC Doors manufacturers in India. Therefore, if you are looking for uPVC doors along with the uPVC windows then immediately get in touch with one of the best uPVC windows & uPVC Doors suppliers – Window Magic.

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