Enabling You to Live in a Pleasant Environment By Offering Finest uPVC Profiles

Window Magic is one of the best uPVC doors windows manufacturers  in India, as it offers customers innovative, stylish and high quality uPVC profiles including casement windows and doors for both residential and commercial drives. The company also takes care of customer’s thoughts of designing home and turns them into a whole work of art in order to enable you to live in a pleasant environment. The splendor of windows is more than just skin deep; professionally built and installed uPVC windows are also an effective line of defense against intruders. uPVC casement windows doors price offered by Window Magic is reasonable. Our uPVC windows and doors price list is so convenient that it will not affect your budget even a little bit. Window Magic services are tailored to meet customer’s requirements, which is sure to be highest in terms of quality.

 Completely Recyclable

Window Magic’s uPVC windows and doors are completely recyclable. It encompasses calcium zinc stabilizer instead of a lead stabilizer which produces harmful toxic fumes during production and hence causes a lot of damage to the environment. The minute its get discarded, the uPVC products can be reshaped into other useful products. The discarded material produced during manufacturing can be reprocessed and energy used for extrusion process is relatively low compared to other materials. Bearing in mind all the ecofriendly features of uPVC, Window Magic thus carries a tagline of ‘Green line’

Matchless Benefits

Being one of the best window manufacturers in India, the company delivers uPVC profiles with the help of advanced manufacturing technology to meet the high standard quality. Aspirants get matchless benefits plus the collection also involves coated profiles with base color and matching shades. The company has done copious installations of windows and doors where the experience of our customer in adopting Window Magic’s service is excellent with no complaints. So, opt for one of the best upvc doors companies in DELHI NCR – Window Magic to give your house a new and striking appearance.

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