Durable, Not Sensitive to Weather And Harmless to the Environment

Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials used in the construction industry. It is also recognized for its thermal efficiency, sound insulation and great value for money. The high-grade flexibility makes uPVC an ideal choice for windows and doors used in commercial and residential purposes.


The wave of pollution that Delhi has been hit with is much stronger as compared to other cities of our country. uPVC material is eco-friendly as no wood is  used and water does not seep in through it. Further, it is not a cold conductor and it does not need frequent polishing. The windows and doors come in various styles like sliding, tilt and turn, casement, combination, villa, bay, fixed and glass-to-glass. Such designs are a great alternative for limited spaces because they slide horizontally into the grooves behind the fixed panes. These types of windows are great choices for other restricted spaces like interior partitions, cubicles and balconies. In sliding windows, two or more frames, slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right. uPVC has many benefits which make it the perfect material to be used for window frames.

Cost – uPVC tends to be considerably cheaper than aluminium and timber and provides more benefits.

  1. Maintenance uPVC windows and doors are popular because it requires very less maintenance; other than cleaning in and around the frames. A few times, during a year you can leave your windows to look after themselves. uPVC is also great at providing sound insulation.
  1. Performance – uPVC windows are extremely energy efficient, so installing them can really help to reduce heating costs and keep your property nice and warm. Due to its resilience, strength and robustness, uPVC is also very reliable when it comes to your home security.

Many companies are making the correct decisions in terms of clientele, location and the quality of products and rising up in the market of uPVC windows. With state-of-the-art manufacturing units, brilliant designs, variety of styles, including a wide range of natural colors and textures, soon enough, all households will atleast have one uPVC window and in no time it’ll be a not just a statement to own uPVC products, but a necessity.

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