uPVC: Not Your Basic Doors and Windows

Looking forward to replace your windows and doors? Find the premium quality uPVC windows and doors in Noida and Delhi at Window Magic. We offer the best quality corner window designs and arch window designs with the latest Indian frames to make your home safer and beautiful. Here are some benefits of owning uPVC windows and doors:


Insulation is the process of keeping heat, sound, or electricity from spreading. It keeps the cold out and the warmth in during winters and vice versa during summers. It works as a defense mechanism against the ever-fluctuating weather conditions in our country. Double glazing and other features are available upon request that can offer the ultimate insulation and in turn cut-costs on the heating and cooling bills.


uPVC windows are not affected by wind, dust particles, sun and other natural elements that generally tend to affect other windows. The number of allergens that surround us is increasing – dust, pollen, dander, animal fur, etc. and uPVC windows block out such elements and even pollution almost completely, giving you a smooth, calm and cleaner living experience. This makes it a much better choice than its traditional alternatives.


Our hectic lifestyles reduce the amount of adequate and peaceful sleep on a regular basis. uPVC windows work two ways by blocking out the noise from outside and retaining privacy by keeping indoor noise blocked. Overall, it brings out an ideal acoustic solution that helps prevent reverberation, echo, noise reflection, etc. for a peaceful home.


There is virtually no maintenance required for uPVC windows. Services like painting, sanding, warping are rarely required. Even complex window designs like the tilt and turn uPVC windows are super easy to clean and maintain and end up having long life depending on their quality. We hope these advantages give you more insight and help you make an affirmed decision for your next doors and windows replacement job! Window Magic has all this and more to offer for your exclusive needs.

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