uPVC Doors & Windows: Perfect option for green constructions

We tend to forget our responsibilities towards nature while residing in the cities and between the high rise buildings. Hence, property developers have taken an initiative to bring green into the urban environment. They are opting for features which will go with green constructions and get the properties green certified. Few builders have switched to UPVC (plasticized polyvinyl chloride) doors and windows to support the green constructions. This would create a unique harmony between nature and humanity so that both can thrive. Green buildings improve the way that homes and building sites use water, energy, and materials to reduce impacts on human health and the environment. An alarming situation in India is that a huge percent of trees that are cut are being used for making of windows, doors, and furniture.

uPVC windows and doors are free of lead (Pb) and various hazardous substances, which makes the product to fit well in the green building concept. uPVC Manufacturers in Delhi design the products as per Indian tropical conditions. The uPVC windows are regarded as the best substitute for the conventional wooden frames taking into account the cost, beauty, strength, precision, and ecology. The uPVC doors and windows offer many benefits. They provide perfect insulation against the outside heat, leading to lower energy consumption and reduced air conditioning costs. uPVC window is environment friendly as it can be fully recycled and renewed for further production. The uPVC products are durable, sound & dust proof and ultraviolet resistant. Thereby improving the environmental quality inside the home and reducing the health hazards. UPVC products are fire resistant as well. Moreover, UPVC materials are maintenance free. At the end of their life, the uPVC doors & windows can be successfully converted into other useful products. Even the waste material produced during manufacturing can be reprocessed, thereby helping in creating a sustainable future.

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