Choose your own top hung windows

Many of us love the cold breeze, refreshing sun rays and enough ventilation at our home. Some even enjoy just staring at the sky. Be it the early morning light rays of sunshine or the starry night, everything has a soothing effect.  The uPVC top hung window design is the best option to cater to all your light and air requirements. Buildings with tapered roofs can be complemented with the uPVC top hung windows. These can also be installed in kitchens to let out excessive smoke and allow sunlight while cooking.

The uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows consists of an outer frame with a hinged sash opening outwards. The bottom portion of the uPVC hung windows is left disconnected, allowing it to swing outwards while projecting open. The optimum quality steel used ensures friction leading to smooth movement. The innovative top control bar lets you adjust the height so that you get a great view, whether standing or seated. The slim design and discreet architectural appearance of the German Quality uPVC Doors and Windows are ideal during the times when furniture obstructs the opening or closing of windows. These windows can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings wherever required.

The list is quite long if we talk about the benefits of installing uPVC top hung windows. Apart from letting in enough sunlight and providing adequate ventilation, these types of windows are tough protectors of rain and wind. Being extremely low maintenance and weatherproof, the windows can be left partly open even in times of bad weather. Water will not enter your room even if the window is partly open and still, ventilate air well as it gives you the power to control the ventilation. Owing to the double sealing feature these windows prevent dust and pollution and also provide sound and thermal insulation. The silent system installed in its mechanism makes the operation smooth. The affordable windows are easy to use and are designed in such a way that makes them energy efficient as well.

The uPVC windows and doors has been improvised, adapted and modified by Window Magic in a way which suits the customer needs and environmental deeds. The uPVC Hung Windows India will surely put an end to your eternal air and light issues, letting you wake up in a room with fresh air, clear sky and bright sunshine. You will also find uPVC Fixed Window Online, and double glazed window custom manufactured by Window Magic to meet your specific requirements.

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