Door designs crafted for your bathrooms

Most of the customers often think if uPVC profiles are a good choice for the bathrooms. Well, we would say yes to this question. In the present scenario, bathrooms are not just for regular usage but serve various other purposes as well. A superbly-designed bathroom will enhance the beauty of the house, and the bathroom door design is an integral part of it. The elegant uPVC doors designs of Window Magic are the perfect options for your beautiful bathrooms. Being one of the eminent manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors , we offer our clients with varied customization options as well.

Following are a few uPVC doors designs for your bathrooms of the living space:

  • Sliding doors: These are one of the convenient and ideal choices for smaller bathrooms as the design eliminates the task of deciding which side the door would open. In addition to saving space, these designs give a sleek and stylish look to your bathrooms. Moreover using a glass door will further enhance the beauty of your living space‚Äôs bathroom.
  • uPVC Casement Doors: These are suitable options for larger bathrooms, the doors are available in a combination of fixed and openable design. You can make your bathroom airy as well as use the space smartly.

Let us take you through some of the advantages of using the above mentioned uPVC doors designs in your bathroom. Highly resistant to water, uPVC bathroom doors do not have the issue of rusting, flaking, repainting or fading, hence cost efficient. They are very easy to maintain, an occasional wipe with a cloth can keep them extremely clean and durable for many years. The unique designs have undoubtedly won hearts with their aesthetic quality.

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