Choose uPVC for your home this festive season

As the festive season is around, many people plan on getting their homes refurbished. At times, even a slight change in the interiors of your home can bring a difference in the most striking manner. The windows and doors are important elements of living space. Changing their designs can enhance the appeal of your house.

Innovative uPVC windows and doors of Window Magic are meant to give a new look to your dwelling. Attractive and artistic designs are perfect to complement the aura of festivity in your home. Versatile and utile, they are the best pick if you are looking for the renovation of the house in this festive season.

Following are a few styles of uPVC profiles manufactured by Window Magic:

Casement windows and doors: The uPVC casement windows and doors come with the option of opening both vertically and sideways. These are available in different sizes, colors or textures to match the requirement of the customers.

Sliding windows and doors: These are a great alternative for limited spaces as they slide horizontally into the grooves behind the fixed panes. Slide and fold uPVC doors are great choices for other restricted spaces like cubicles, interior partitions, and balconies. In sliding window uPVC, two or more frames slide horizontally on tracks to the right or the left. These windows are slightly raised above the track for a smooth slide which prevents dust from collecting down in the track. uPVC sliding door and windows are ideal for homes that need space-economy.
Window Magic is among the leading uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in India. They provide customized options in colour, size, lamination, and styles. Durable, low maintaining, noise and weather resistant uPVC profiles are the best to suit your home.

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