Ways to Know A Good uPVC Window Frame At a Glance

It is often said that a single glance is enough to know all the difference, and it holds true for uPVC windows quite well. As uPVC doors and windows have become an essential part of the design aesthetics of contemporary homes of millennials, more and more uPVC doors and window manufacturers are emphasizing on quality and texture of their products. Due to the constant rise in demand for uPVC profiles, a lot of low-grade Sliding window uPVC variants are also available in the market.

If you are to give a uPVC window any rating, here are a few things you should look for.

Glass: Tempered glass can come with a lot of glades. Always look for a double glazing one, preferably with more than ten years of warranty.

Locks: Every uPVC window that is located on the outer walls got a security locking system fitted on it. There are several locking options available in the market. Reputed uPVC door and window manufacturers like Window Magic always offer best-in-class, advanced locking features with their uPVC profiles for a secure lifestyle.

Make: Reputed uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in India provide stainless screws as they prevent rust for years. Hinges, though usually come in stainless steel or fibers with inbuilt magnets. The interlockers are made from good quality rubber that does not give away anytime, thereby ensuring that the window sash seals properly.

Apart from these, you’d find a lot of things to check while investing in a perfect uPVC profile for your new home or office space. You’ll be amazed to see how reputed uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in India like Window Magic have effective solutions for common day-to-day problems. Therefore, if you are looking for famous uPVC window and door manufacturers then immediately get in touch with us and avail best fenestration solutions.

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