How Local Traditions Influence People’s Choice Of Upvc Windows And Doors

Studies show that the heritage and local traditions of a particular place immensely influence the architecture of that place. There are numerous places across India which has a unique culture of their own. Places like Ludhiana, Hyderabad and Chennai had been important parts of the Indian history. They have a rich cultural heritage which continues to influence and shape the design and architecture of modern homes. As windows form an important part of interior decoration, the leading manufacturers in India offer a huge variety of uPVC window designs for home.

The uPVC doors and windows in Hyderabad, originally one of the ancient princely states, reflect the styles that resemble the heritage structures spread across the city. Keeping to the concept of spacious indoors, most modern homes in Hyderabad prefer casement and sliding windows. These windows add unparalleled magnificence and ventilation to the rooms. The best type of casement and sliding windows are offered by Window Magic with multiple colour and fenestration options.

As a leading uPVC window manufacturer in Chennai, Window Magic ensures the best kind of designer windows that complement the Dravidian style of architecture. A classic Tamil house features multiple windows and doors, linking or overlooking the veranda. Thus, wide windows are preferred, mostly in shades of earthy colours. Window Magic also offers customization in materials for frame, colour and finish.

The best uPVC doors and windows in Ludhiana are supplied by Window Magic. They understand the lifestyle requirements of the residents of Ludhiana, keeping the weather conditions of Ludhiana in mind. Offering numerous options for glass panes, sills and security features, the range of uPVC profiles by Window Magic stand out for their high quality and finish. From the living room to bathroom, and kitchen, there are uPVC profiles suitable for every corner of your home.

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