uPVC Windows: Perfect Fit for Modern Furnishings

Elegance and durability are two obvious requirements when it comes to home or office furnishings. Owing to the present fast-paced lifestyle, everyone wants furnishings that are tough when it comes to durability and are easy on the pocket. uPVC windows and doors are the most efficient way to meet all such home and office furnishing requirements.


uPVC (short for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is a form of plastic that is an effective substitute for painted wood. This modern building material has several advantages over other products. Besides being cheaper than other furnishing products like timber and aluminum, uPVC safes further money as it requires minimal maintenance as it is less susceptible to damage by natural factors. Moreover, it doesn’t require any painting, sanding or warping.


Even the uPVC windows dealers and suppliers promote it everywhere because it is one of the safest furnishing options while being non-toxic and robust. Therefore, it can also be relied upon when it comes to the security of your home and office. uPVC is known for being energy-efficient and providing an effective ventilation system. It maintains the hygiene of your home or workplace as it helps in keeping out the dust and pollens. It also helps you in maintaining your privacy as it keeps the indoor noise clogged inside. The most noticeable advantage of uPVc in today’s time is that it’s environmentally friendly as it is made from recyclable materials that can ensure a lifespan of minimum 40 years.


Window Magic is one of the pioneers in the introduction of uPCV technology in India amongst all the uPVC windows manufacturers. Having already made a mark for their durability and rigidity, the uPVC products offered by them are strengthened with galvanized steel. These products are not only trendy, but also high on quality owing to Window Magic’s compliance with the latest national and international standards of quality.

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