Dress your uPVC Corner Windows

Earlier we have written about corner windows on our blogs and mentioned some of their advantages, as well as their features. There are some corner windows that do not have a corner actually, thus offering a large and clear view of the outside world in front of them. No one would want windows to exploit the view and not cover it in any way. But if you aren’t the type of person who would like to have your windows undressed, we have some suggestions for you.

Listed below are few ideas on how to elegantly dress your corner windows:
Drapes – Hang them so that when they are not pulled, the uPVC windows are free from any obstruction. But when they are pulled, you can enjoy a darkened room and privacy. Drapes can be added only in the corners if you just want to dress it.

Window Shades – One of the easiest ways to get the windows dressed up is by using window shades. They won’t obstruct the view of the outdoors when they are up, and when they are down they’ll offer privacy and prevent light from entering.

Window Valances– These won’t offer you privacy but they can enhance the beauty of your living space. You may add some blinds as well.

Roman Shades – If you are thinking to create a darker room, another option would be the roman shades. They can be pulled up easily and can enhance the interior decor of the room.

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