uPVC – The eco-friendly solution for fenestration industry

Window Magic’s uPVC profiles are suitable to survive in any weather condition and every terrain. They are great space-saver too. Apart from these and many more amazing qualities, one thing that stands out about uPVC windows and doors is their environment-friendly property. With increasing awareness and government’s initiatives on sustainable development, modern-day builders and architects are extensively using uPVC in windows and doors. Window Magic is one of the leading uPVC doors and windows manufacturers in India. These profiles produced using calcium-zinc stabilizers are free from lead and heavy metal giving them even more resistance to adverse weather conditions.

While many people may choose the conventional windows and doors, an environment-conscious person would definitely go for these eco-friendly or green solutions. They help in saving as many trees as possible. Another reason why uPVC profiles are called environment-friendly is that they are energy efficient. They help in reducing the consumption of electricity with their efficient thermal insulation feature. Double glazing of the uPVC windows and doors makes them better insulators, and this is the technology behind their energy efficiency. Proper insulation of your living space or office building ensures that the already heated or cool space remains in that state for a longer time period by trapping appropriate heat and preventing it from escaping or more from entering the space. By choosing uPVC doors and windows designs for home you are reducing the resource consumption thus helping in the overall benefit of the environment.

We hope that the information above made you aware of the benefits of using eco-friendly uPVC windows and doors. Select from a diverse range of uPVC profiles of Window Magic and do your part in conserving the environment.

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