Kinds of windows suitable in summer season 20% of the heat is absorbed by only windows in summer

Windows being the biggest opening in the house, plays an important role as an interior as well as an exterior furniture, they provide light in home and ventilation to the house. As per the reports, 35% of the heat escapes through in and around uPVC windows and doors. Windows which are energy efficient and are double glazed consisting of two or more glass panes by a vacuum or gas-filled space to reduce the heat are more preferable.

Following are the windows which are suitable to be installed in the summer season are as follows:

  1. Tilt and Turn Windows: In the present scenario, tilt and turn windows are gaining huge popularity nowadays. These kinds of windows are environment-friendly as well as energy-efficient. Just by tilting the handle of the window once, it opens the ventilation section. Also, by twisting the handle of the window again it swings inside. Such windows need less maintenance, reduce noise and have a multi-locking system comes with the benefit of more security for the house.
  2. Sliding window Sliding windows adds panache to the house, having a sleek and elegant look it highlights the beauty of the room. Unlike casement or lift-and-slide windows that crank out or sash windows that move up and down, sliding windows operate horizontally instead of vertically. These windows are ideal for homes that need economical space. Sliding windows are created by keeping different concepts in mind. These styles of windows are nice selections for various restricted areas like interior partitions, cubicles and balconies on the track.
  3. Casement Window: The Casement windows have a classic style that never goes outdated. They are an epitome of innovative illustration appropriate for every kind of building. These windows provide a wide-open view, offers higher safety and are energy efficient while having the heat-resistant quality and noise-proof technology.
  4. French window: French casement windows have been considered an essential part of every home. These windows add uniqueness and freshness to the home interior and are easy to handle. Such windows are energy efficient, allows sufficient coming of natural light inside the house, and give a compliment to the interior and exterior of the house/building.
  5. Top Hung Window:  Top hung windows are strong protectors of rain and wind. The window provides the proper ventilation into space while having an option to manage the quality of ventilation or wind required in a room. Top hung windows are economical and save energy. These Windows are suitable for totally different wants and are available in the market in a wide range of sizes and styles.

The right selection of glass is as important as the right selection of windows for a home. The right glass for the window not only helps in energy efficiency but lowers the overall energy costs as well. Factors like climatic condition, sound insulation requirement, surrounding environment condition, and safety requirement determine the selection of the right type of glass option for uPVC windows for all season.

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