Perfect uPVC Windows for every home

A window is an expression of personal style. It is a vital element for your home. When choosing a window for your home, many factors have to be kept in mind.  Apart from quality, colour, design, and material, one has to ensure the material’s longevity and toughness. Once you have chosen the perfect quality and design that complements your abode, it becomes easier to shortlist the ideal windows.

A large variety of materials are available in the market to make elegant and classy windows. Wood is the first preference for windows. Sal wood is considered to be the strongest and heaviest and used for creating frames. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and gives your home a classy look. However, wood is expensive and requires heavy maintenance.

What is uPVC windows:

uPVC or Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride is widely used material in windows nowadays. It has many advantages over wooden windows. Window Magic is the leading manufacturer of uPVC in India. Different types of uPVC windows are designed by Window Magic such as casement, tilt and turn and sliding windows to name a few. The uPVC casement windows designed by Window Magic are suitable for all kinds of structures.

These windows have many advantages, such as they are easy to install, cost-effective, look chic, and available in many designs and colors. These windows are weather and fire-resistant, and they offer excellent water tightness and are noise proof too.

If you compare the cost of uPVC windows vs aluminium windows price in India you will find that aluminum windows are more costly than the UPVC windows. Even the cost of making wooden windows and frames is more than UPVC windows. Thus uPVC material is not only cost-effective but environment friendly too.

Window Magic has an internal uPVC windows online price calculator which we use to provide the estimated price of your desired window system on request. A stylish and classy interior with trendy and snazzy windows by Window Magic will certainly boost the ambience of your home and office.

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