uPVC is Perfect Solution for your Perfect Requirements

Fenestration includes curtain walls, windows, doors and skylights. It is an aesthetic feature that affects the performances of the buildings. Windows, if placed well, can enhance the inlet of natural lighting, thus saving electricity. These wall openings provide a view of the outside and allow light and fresh air. The frames of these vital elements are made of various materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, steel, wood and PVC.  uPVC Windows can be fixed, operational or both.

Doors provide safety and security to the people living in a house. There are many types of doors such as casing, sliding and lift and slide doors etc. The frames of the doors are made from material such as steel, aluminum, wood and glass.

Many customers find choosing the correct windows and doors for their house to be a tiring process. If chosen wisely, these vital elements add class and elegance to your homes. In the market, these doors and windows are available in various designs, styles and materials. They enhance the ambiance and add value to the interiors of your home.

Readymade doors and windows:

Readymade doors and windows are easily available in the market. With a wide variety to choose from, how should one decide which one to choose? To eliminate doubts and confusion, Window Magic offers you a one-stop solution to your fenestration needs. Our chic and robust doors add charm and elegance to your homes. They are robust and make you feel safe and secure. Built with security features such as multi point locking, extremely strong hinges and toughened laminated safety glasses, these doors keep your house warm and serene.

From the exquisite collection of classy windows offered by Window Magic, you can choose styles and designs that suit your taste. Enriched with simplicity and architectural enrichment, these windows are easy to use and are low on maintenance. The sliding windows offered by Window Magic are perfect for houses that have limited space. Apart from these, we provide Casement, Tilt and Turn and slide and fold windows too. These masterpieces are available in numerous styles, finishes, and hues. Some of the designer windows offered by Window Magic are temple, arch, bay and corner windows.

uPVC  technology:

Window Magic is one of the introducers of uPVC technology in India. uPVC is the material that is used for manufacturing doors and windows. It is an eco-friendly product and reduces the use of timber and wood. We deliver all over India. If you are looking for uPVC manufacturers in Bangalore or any other place in India, Window Magic is your one-stop-shop  has uPVC dealers in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata and other major cities too. Window Magic provides 360 degree fenestration solutions for its customers. Window Magic not only aims to provide high-quality doors and windows but follows the greatest levels of consistent sincerity in their dealings and operations.

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