Elegant uPVC windows that decorate your home aesthetically

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC is a chemical compound consisting of carbon, chlorine and hydrogen. This unique material is different from PVC. This material is considered ideal for constructing windows and doors. It is inexpensive and is easy to produce. Many people use timber which leads to deforestation. uPVC is eco-friendly as it prevents deforestation by reducing the use of wood.

Window Magic is amongst the pioneers to introduce uPVC in India. We are well-known manufacturers of quality uPVC windows and doors. Our range of products includes casement windows & doors, tilt & turn windows, sliding windows & doors, designer windows, conservatory, and lift & slide doors. Vert Spring Windows, Plisse Double Window, Lat Single Window and Lat Double Window are our other products. 

Window Magic’s range of windows offers a variety of designs. Out of the collection of windows, the uPVC sliding window adds an element of beauty to your homes. Curated in contemporary styles, this style of windows enhances the interiors. The sliding windows are easy to use and add simplicity and beauty to your abode. As these windows slide horizontally, they are a good choice for houses that have limited space. The sliding windows are an excellent alternative for interior partitions, cubicles and balconies.

Using uPVC Sliding Windows

The sliding windows are installed using two or more frames. The window is slightly raised above the track of the frame for smooth movement. The slide also prevents the dust from accumulating on the tracks. The sliding glass window price depends on the size and material that you choose. The uPVC windows manufactured by Window Magic are reasonably priced. Thus, if you want the best uPVC windows and doors for your dream abode, always choose Window Magic. At Window Magic, we believe in catering to your fenestration needs with utmost dedication and care. We offer experiential services and just don’t believe in selling the product only. We create a long-lasting relationship with our customers

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