Visually appealing windows and doors for your dream home

Fenestration refers to entryways found in a building or structure. Contemporary designs, appealing colours, and various benefits such as heat, cold and fire-resistant have taken fenestration to new heights. It plays a major role in a building. Thus the placement of windows and doors is a vital element while designing a building. Properly placed windows and doors allow natural light inside the house. They help to reduce the consumption of electricity and protect the members residing in the building.

Many people search for cost-effective and elegant windows and doors for their houses. Not many know that windows and doors made with uPVC are the best as they are cost-effective and robust. Window Magic is the most preferred uPVC Window manufacturer in NCR, Delhi , Mumbai and other Indian states.

Window Magic offers uPVC windows, door, partitions and frames for glass fabrications in India. We create aesthetically appealing windows and doors that blend with the home decor and enhance the beauty of your homes. Our experts design the products keeping in mind locations and climate conditions and your architectural plans and specifications. We also provide the best quality doors and windows made of uPVC online at a reasonable price. More robust support material, luxurious finishing and custom-designed components have all made us stand apart from the competition..

Types of Windows and doors By Window Magic

Our range of products include uPVC top hung windows, casement windows and doors, tilt & turn windows, sliding windows & doors, designer window, conservatory and lift & slide doors. plisse double window, lat single window and lat double windows. Available in wide varieties of designs and sizes, these elegant and classy windows and doors protect from rain and wind. We also offer a wide variety of colours to match your needs. Apart from our four major color scheme – EicheDunkel, Nussbaum V, Sapeli and Cherry Blossom, there are several magnificent colour schemes available. Browse through our catalogue and choose the best windows and doors for your dream home.

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