For the Most Elegant Aluminium Window Frames, Choose Window Magic.

If the door of your home is the heart, a window of your home is the soul. Windows allow you to let in the fresh air and natural light into your home. Windows allows you to imagine and think out-of-the-box.

A well-designed perfectly framed window supports the overall aesthetics of your home. Be it traditional or contemporary, you can choose aluminium window frames as per your lifestyle.

Choose the trendy aluminium windows with different styles that perfectly compliment you and match your persona. The design of aluminium windows also spruces up the looks and aesthetics of your home.

Before picking up the most innovative and elegant aluminium window frames, let us discover various aluminium window designs.

Aluminium Sliding Window

The aluminium sliding windows are eco-friendly, stylish, and easy to install. They help you conserve sufficient energy. They enhance the aesthetics of your home and make the surroundings cool. 

Aluminium sliding windows have become the no.1 choice of the homeowners today, due to their durability, looks, colour options, and energy efficiency. 

Perfect for any residential and commercial building aluminium windows ensure complete protection only if they get installed by a professional window design company.

Aluminium Casement Window

Do you want daylight to enter your home without having rain or snow come inside? Go for the aluminium casement window that hinges on one side that opens outward or inward. The frames of the windows allow a smooth flow of air while the tough casements offer durability and protection against breakage. The energy-efficient, soundproof and durable aluminium casement windows are the top choices of architects and clients.

Aluminium French Window

If you want to welcome the classic French gothic style to your windows, go for aluminium French Windows – which are increasingly gaining popularity due to their elegance, luxury, and sophistication. This style of windows is perfect if you live in a European-style home. The powder-coated aluminium frame is the most advanced version of Aluminium French windows, with a diamond pattern etched on it for protection against scratching.

Aluminium Slimline Window

If you look for bigger spaces, you should offer sleek, contemporary style line windows with natural light, high-performance insulation, and durable hardware. What sets Slim Line apart is their commitment to sustainability.

Slimline aluminium windows are constructed of solid and aesthetically beautiful strong materials.  It would be best to get in touch with the most professional window manufacturers and installers to help you decide on the typology and size of the window for your home. 

Choosing the best aluminium window design will differentiate your home. Though the cost of aluminium windows differs from home to home, the aluminium team at Window Magic will guide you to get the right aluminium frames for your windows. Feel free to get a consultation from India’s top window installing company.

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