Why uPVC windows and aluminium windows is better than wooden windows

Premium fenestration brands are becoming the choice of the consumers over the years for the combination of superior quality and sleek appearance. The innovative, smart uPVC or aluminium fenestration probe deep into the science of modern architecture and know the art of transforming a building into an elegant interior with many benefits.

The array of captivating, high-quality door, skylight and window systems tune your mood to delight with the nature, outside and near ones, inside. The new age unplasticized polyvinyl chloride doors or windows, known as the uPVC fenestration transforms the look of the indoor interior or the facade of a building in an urbane way in comparison to the expensive wooden construct. The range of eco-friendly uPVC fenestration systems with high efficiency and unbeatable suave is attained through the application of state-of-the-art technology and is preferred globally over the heavy, expensive eco-unfriendly wooden doors and windows.

Smart engineering and exclusive designs revolutionized the world of uPVC windows and aluminium windows. Premium uPVC doors and windows elevate your experience to a new dimension in comparison to the stereotyped aluminium fenestration.

As to talk about comparison, the manufacturing process of eco-friendly uPVC doors and windows consume 7.5 times less energy than the aluminium range. The operation of the uPVC fenestration offers a smooth, noiseless function unlike the aluminium doors and windows. The uPVC frames are whether resistant, termite proof and have a superior thermal insulation capacity while the aluminium frames transfer heat with a high thermal expansion coefficient which leads to distortion of fitting over the time.

Premium uPVC doors and windows

The premium uPVC doors and windows are engineered with a contemporary sleek design to suit different genres of urbane d├ęcors with low maintenance and long-life. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, also to the outside sound or cacophony and UV rays whereas the black aluminium windows and doors in spite of being strong and durable they are prone to oxidation and susceptible to corrosion and carry the outside sound indoors.

There are many top brands delivering the world class uPVC and aluminium fenestration. Window Magic is such a Indian brand in the universe of fenestration, known for serving unparallelly service with a global standard. This luxury brand uses German technology and also collaborates with the international players for leading edge products to deliver the magic of everlasting doors and windows for your dream interior.

Both the uPVC and aluminium ranges have their strengths; however, the luxury upvc doors and window is leading the industry curve with the promise of unparallel quality, graceful-trendsetting designs and undeniable user experience.

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