Advantages of Powder Coated Aluminium Windows and Doors

The technique of coloring or completing an aluminium window using powder coating is referred to as powder coating. It employs polyester powder, which is now available in literally hundreds of different colors, textures, and tints. Before the polyester powder is sprayed to make the finished colored window, the standard aluminium window will go through a number of cleaning and pre-treatment operations.

Simply said, once the Aluminium sliding windows have been cleaned and processed using a number of methods, they will be colored in a specific booth. An electrical charge will be delivered to the aluminium extrusions here, and the powder will be sprayed onto the aluminium. This charge aids in the adhesion of the powder to the aluminium surface. Following this, the bars are placed in special ovens to cure the paint.

The powder coated aluminium windows method used on aluminium windows has various benefits. Unlike foils, which are used on some windows, aluminium powder coating may coat every surface of the window, including those that are not visible. The amount of profile that foils can cover is frequently restricted. This is why, when you open a conventional wood grain or foiled colored window, you will frequently see naked profile on the inside.

Powder coated aluminium windows

  • Provide protection in high-risk or urban situations.
  • Are perfect for doors and windows in coastal areas where there is a lot of salt in the air.
  • Are extensively utilised in various chlorinated or severe conditions that require further protection.
  • Powder coated windows can be guaranteed for 15, 25, or even 40 years.

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