Why should you shift to uPVC Sliding Doors

Doors are installed forever and take years to be replaced again. They sail through numerous years of summers, winters, and rainy seasons and go through wear and tear. The finishing and look pale away with time and the doors look dull. Therefore it is important that we make the right choice at the first place. A high quality finished doors can withstand rigorous wear and tear. As per the architects, the best quality doors that last long with the same beautiful looks are Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC.

uPVC doors designs are not only very good to look at but are also very long lasting and lightweight. They are used in most of the constructions and is the preferred by customers. They are basically PVC, but without any plasticizers which reduces the quality of polyvinyl chloride, making it softer. Hence uPVC are more durable, and sturdy, than PVC. The uPVC doors are not only better looking but have low maintenance costs.

The important Features of uPVC Sliding Doors are

Longer lasting:  The uPVC sliding doors are durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and abrasions. They do not get flaking and corrode during the rainy season.

Better looking: They are available in many colors and shades that match your walls. These doors add a beautiful look to the whole room.

Well insulated: The uPVC doors are insulated against pollution, heat, and noise making your home clean, comfortable, and tranquil.

Energy efficiency – These doors help in increasing energy efficiency by keeping the rooms warm during winter and cool during summer.

Highly secure – Many high-quality uPVC doors have toughened glass and multi-lock points that ensure the security of the house.

Window Magic is one of the most trusted players in the uPVC sliding doors. They offer contemporary styling, excellent performance, and smooth integration. Manufactured with the highest standards of engineering, styling & designing they are reliable and secure for your homes and offices. Replacing traditional doors with Window Magic uPVC sliding doors is a smart move. Not only they are sleek, but can be handled effortlessly, and they maximize your security as well.

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