Different Types Of Aluminium Windows

Windows are an important part of every home and make them beautiful filled with sunshine and wind. They are your window to the world and whatever the season you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery. They add zeal to your life and also enhance the look of your home internally and externally.  They can really change the way the k of the room gives them a classic, modern or old-style room depending on the frame and colour. Nowadays a new trend is emerging in people to go for aluminium or uPVC rather than the old-styled wooden doors and windows which were also not sustainable as that required cutting of trees leading to deforestation. These aluminium windows and doors also come in many styles and types as per your need and requirement. So, they come in various kinds so now you can match the type and look that will suit your room interiors.

Types of Aluminium Windows

Aluminium double glazed windows

Aluminium Bi-fold Windows

They look very different and attractive. They are functional and stylish. They consist of a number of hinged framed window panels that fold into each other simply and elegantly, to open up any space.

Aluminium Tilt Turn Windows

They open inwards to allow flexible ventilation. With a tilt-turn window, you don’t have to have the window open fully to let air into your home.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

They also look beautiful and can be slid as per the opening that you need.  

Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement window – It is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. Specifically, windows attached to the frame on the side (windows hinged at the top are awning windows.

Aluminium Fixed window

It is a window unit without a venting (operating) version available within the same product line.

If are going for a one-time investment, check out these options for sure.  There are many aluminium window brands that are popular in India. Window Magic is one of the top players and with their collaboration with AluPure and Technal, they are leading in the market.

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