Elevate, Accentuate, Rejenuvate with Premium uPVC

For anyone looking to add luxury and sophistication to their homes and other living/working spaces, uPVC & aluminium windows and doors are a tested and beloved choice. These uPVC & aluminium doors and windows exude a modern, sleek aesthetic that complements almost all types of architectural designs and schemes. The trusted name in India, Window Magic, offers a wide range of premium uPVC and luxury aluminium windows and doors that are crafted with precision and come with varied options to choose from!

At Window Magic, the designers and creators are aware of how the choice of windows and doors plays a pivotal role in enhancing aesthetics and functionality. Hence, uPVC and aluminium windows and doors stand out as top choices, providing a blend of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal to homes, commercial buildings, or any other mixed-use space.

Premium and Luxury Range of uPVC

Premium uPVC and aluminium windows and doors are engineered for a perfect balance between form and function. These fenestration products bring the qualities of enhanced insulation, noise reduction, and security to homes/offices/schools/mixed-use buildings. With a wide range of styles and finishes, these doors and windows seamlessly meld into various design schemes.

Normal uPVC and aluminium windows are made from aluminium frames with a standard glazing system which lets light enter the building while providing some levels of insulation. Premium uPVC and aluminium windows which are Low-Emissivity (Low-E) aluminium windows, have a special coating that helps reduce the amount of heat that is transmitted through the window. These premium uPVC and aluminium doors and windows help to increase energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs by reflecting more of the sun’s radiant heat outside in the summer and retaining more of the building’s heat inside in the winter. Keeping these values in mind, Window Magic offers a diverse range of high-quality uPVC and aluminium windows in many styles, designs and colours that can elevate the look of one’s buildings and turn them into premium, modern spaces.