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Casement windows are back in action

Casement windows may have been a thing of the past, but they are back in global trends as the most preferred set of windows in the market. They are giving a tight competition to the sash window market after inducing new technology into their products. Throughout British Isles and around the world, uPVC casement windows are now considered a revolutionary product for energy efficiency and natural ventilation.   

What is a casement window?

A window which is attached to its frames by more than one hinges on its side. They usually consist of metal and glass panes held together in one place with pieces of lead.
In the beginning of Victorian era, most of the casement windows are made of timber in its entirety. They were covered by functional exterior shutters which opened outwards.
They are rarely opened with a cam handle, lever or a crank as well.
There are two types of casement windows with respect how it is opened.

  1. FCL – it is a left handed window with its hinges on the left and its locking mechanism on its right.
  2. FCR – it is a right handed window with its hinges on the right, its locking mechanism on its left.

What are the parts of a casement window?

Unlike other upvc windows and doors, casements windows have several parts

  • Window frame as the permanent outer edge attached to a wall.
  • It is surrounded by casing as a decorative molding.
  • Upvc is considered a better choice for its material for construction when we compare upvc v/s wooden doors & windows.
  • They have horizontal hardware bars called stays.
  • Some of those windows have latches which secures the window when it’s closed.

What are the uses of casement windows?

  1. It helps in receiving good ventilation for your home, and it works better than flush windows.
  2. It is used to protect infants from falling off the building
  3. It has been considered to be leak proof and has the capacity to seal the room from losing the cooling effects of your air conditioners and thermal insulators.

Who are the industry leaders of casement windows?

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