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Choose a uPVC Sliding Door Wisely

Whether it is having the advantage of being used in compact spaces or looking aesthetically classy and beautiful; whatever is the reason, sliding doors have become the topmost trend of the day. They are highly in demand owing to their practicality, absence of hinges, and allowing maximum natural light and ventilation with a clear view of the outdoors.

However, just choosing sliding doors for your interiors is not enough. You also need to select the right product while keeping in mind a number of factors such as the price, cost of installation, maintenance requirements, etc.


You should be very careful about this point as you have to decide your budget before going out looking for the sliding doors of your dreams. uPVC sliding door price vary from brand to brand and location to location. It is also affected by the size of the glass and the finish of the product. Window Magic is one of the most renowned uPVC door suppliers in NCR and offers the choicest products at the most economical prices.

Location of Installation

You need to be very clear regarding the requirement of the location where the uPVC door needs to be installed. These kinds of doors are a great choice for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, etc. Make sure to add a translucent layer to your sliding doors in case you are getting them installed in the bathroom. Avoid using these doors for facades to avoid being noticeable from outside of the house and to maintain your privacy and safety.


Once the purchase and installation have been taken care of, it becomes very important to take care of the sliding doors properly to maintain their longevity and aesthetic appeal. The biggest advantage of sliding doors is that maintaining them is quite easy and economical. You just need to ensure that the frame of the doors is free from dirt by cleaning it regularly and wiping the frame of the door from time to time. To give the perfect feel to your dream abode, choose Window Magic- one of the leading uPVC Doors manufacturers in India.

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