uPVC window vs wooden windows

Compare uPVC Doors and Windows vs wooden windows and their Benefits

Unplasticized PVC or uPVC doors have taken the global doors and windows market by storm, thanks to the many benefits that these products offer to users.

Advantages that keep your class apart

Let’s know about some of such benefits! 

  • Fire and noise resistant, energy efficient, environment-friendly, wind resistant, thermal insulation, and requires little maintenance
  • Lasts longer vis-à-vis wooden or metal products
  • Easily customizable as per the specific requirements of the users
  • Adds comfort, convenience, and style to your modern-day home. You can give stunning and distinctive looks to your home doors, windows, and partitions & frames for glass fabrications.

uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows

Now let’s compare uPVC windows with the windows made with wood to figure out how uPVC products score over wooden products!

  1. Wooden windows are heavier and so difficult to install: Unlike the uPVC windows which are light in weight and easy to install, wooden windows are a lot heavier and so it’s more difficult to install them.
  2. Wooden windows are against the environment: To make them, a large number of trees have to be cut.
  3. Wooden windows need timely maintenances & upkeep: Wooden windows are not termite-resistant.  So, their life is comparatively shorter unless treated with the right chemicals. You need to protect them from extended exposure to the harsh elements of nature, such as extreme hot and cold weather, and the rains.
  4. Wooden windows look better as they are made with natural stuffs: But even this has changed a lot of late, as, nowadays, the uPVC windows come with different kinds of attractive natural looking coats and paints.
  5. Wooden windows are reasonably priced: In the beginning, the price of upvc doors and windows may seem higher, vis-à-vis wooden windows, but in the long run they prove to be cost-effective as one does not have to spend anything on their upkeep and maintenance. These products also prove affordable because these are fire and water resistant, unlike the wooden windows.

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