History of windows and doors on earth and beyond

It is hard to imagine any opening of an enclosed space without a windows and doors to cover them up. Well, it was always a part of a well-developed household essential and its modern origins of tilt and turn window blinds came after the 16th century.

Readymade doors and windows have an extensive historyfor its origin from the ancient civilizations.

  • The first door was discovered in Egyptian tombs which were made from a single piece of wood. It was considered a way to afterlife or heaven. Switzerland has also found a 5000 year old door.
  • The first window was discovered in 13th century BC in Spain followed by tilt and turn window blinds. Most of the early windows were decorated with marbles, animal hide and wood work.
  • Romans, Greeks and many famous literary works have talked about memorable doors and windows, including many religious works as well. Indian religious books such as the Bhagwat Gita and Ramayana have also mentioned them.
  • Indian windows can date it back to the times of ancient temples and palaces embedded with stone and gold pieces or carvings. Mosques and monuments have also found to have such specifications, with precious stones such as emeralds, ruby and pearls also being used.
  • Modern designs have Aluminium and upvc windows quote the new era of windows and doors.

From all the types of windows and doors, the designs and styles of windows have cross continental influences affecting it shapes and types. Some of the common types include:

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