How does uPVC windows compare to aluminum windows?

Materials used for your windows can determine the performance and durability of its features. To summarize the differences of advantages and disadvantages between upvc windows vs aluminum windows, we need to consider certain factors to make the purchase decision simpler.

  • Strength and Durability

In terms of robustness and longevity, aluminum gets the upper hand when compared to uPVC. The first factor is uPVC material is resistant to UV rays. It does not corrode, flake off or rust and is preferred in coastal areas. Multiple locking systems can be successfully installed in uPVC windows for additional security.

  • Polishing

 Upvc has a naturally appealing look and doesn’t require painting or any furnishing.

  • Moisture and rain

PH level of water can cause slow degradation of aluminum whereas uPVC is resistant to moisture buildup in its composition.

  • Resistance to weather

uPVC can handle all weathers when we compare aluminum vs upvc windows, whereas Aluminum can get rusted if its coating gets damaged.

  • Operational compatibility

uPVC creates way less noise when we compare upvc windows vs aluminum, since aluminum can cause metallic sounds when used.

  • Thermal adjustments

 Thermal expansion of aluminum is much higher than upvc, leading to disfigurements in aluminum packages.

  • Insulating material

Upvc is naturally insulated whereas aluminum requires external insulation due to it conductivity factors.  

  • Pest resistance

Both uPVC and aluminum is resistant to termites and other forms of pestilence.

  • Fire resistance

Both uPVC and aluminum do not catch or spread fire easily.

  • Noise insulation

uPVC provides better soundproofing than aluminum.

  • Longevity

uPVC lasts for 20-25 years whereas aluminum lasts for more than 45 years.

  • Conscious about environment

Aluminum and uPVC are environment friendly.

  • Uv resistance

There will be no color disturbances in uPVC due to sunlight exposure whereas aluminum is dependent on it coating powder’s capabilities.  

  • Pricing

 Aluminum prices are much higher than upvc windows prices in india.

To conclude, if we had to compare between uPVC and aluminum windows, aluminum is a long lasting solution whereas uPVC is a more durable and cheaper option. Here at Window Magic, your queries and confusions regarding windows or doors will be answered and guided by our team of skilled professionals. We have the expertise, choices and certifications of the most trusted fenestration brand in this industry.

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