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The magic element – uPVC

A window is a gateway to the world outside. Even in a restricted space, a well-designed window gives the feel of a bigger room. Windows are inlet for air and natural light. It proliferates the beauty of a house if it is placed appropriately and at a perfect spot in the house. Nothing brightens your day than to see a magnificent view of the world outside through a big window.

Windows are small openings in a house. They are fitted with glass frames to let sunlight and air enter your homes. Large windows with beautifully carved designs look delightful and give a sense of nobility to a house. Modern, elegant and opulent windows elevate the value of your home. Elegant and robust windows help you to create a comfortable and safe environment. They protect your homes and keep your family safe. The materials used to make this significant fenestration element are aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, steel, wood, and uPVC.

upvc casement windows

So which material is the best to augment the interiors as well as the exterior? Unquestionably, it is uPVC. In the contemporary world uPVC is a game-changer. It is one of the oldest polymers and is an excellent choice for every building. It is low on maintenance, eco-friendly and offers high safety and security to the residents. Some of the benefits of uPVC are:

  • Historically, uPVC windows and doors were available in a single colour and limited shapes and sizes. With the development in the manufacturing process homeowners now have a wide variety of colours, shapes, styles and imitation effects to choose from. uPVC windows manufacturers ensure that the products are customized as per the requirements and can blend easily with the décor of your homes.
  • uPVC exceeds expectation when the security of the home is in question. This ultra-light yet sturdy material prevents external elements from entering the house.
  • Energy efficiency is an important factor that is considered before choosing new windows and doors as it impacts the energy rating of your home. UPVC is a low conductor of heat that helps to minimize heat loss.
  • Unlike others, uPVC Windows & doors are weatherproof and last longer than their traditional counterparts.
  • uPVC is incredibly tough, withstands extreme climates and prevents the doors and windows from fading due to prolonged sun exposure.
  • uPVC windows are available in various window styles and configurations with enriches the ventilation system and provided sufficient airflow into a room. 
  • uPVC is an eco-friendly product made from recyclable materials. After few years, this material can be recycled into other products such as pipes, plumbing fittings etc.
  • Weathering destroys the exterior of a property. uPVC windows and doors are water and airproof. Regular care of all external uPVC installations is recommended to ensure their longevity.
  • The UPVC material is soundproof and reduces external noise by up to 50% as compared with its traditional counterparts. It minimizes the amount of noise entering your homes

Benefits of uPVC

All the perfect benefits of uPVC are embedded in aesthetically designed doors and windows manufactured by Window Magic. We are the best uPVC doors and uPVC windows dealers in India. When designing a fenestration product our team of experts evaluates all the factors to create a visually appealing and sturdy product. We take utmost care to style the windows in such a way that it perfectly matches with external factors unique to your home and the surroundings. Whether you want to use your home for relaxation or entertaining guests or want to just enjoy time with your family, our expert consultants are always available to discuss your preferences and recommend exemplary designs that match your demands.

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