Types of insect screens and how do they protect us from bugs and insects

Based on weather and climatic conditions, different types of insects and bugs can enter your house’s precipice. It can bring many scorching disturbances such as unnecessary smells, sounds, and even diseases from the outside. Insect screens can help to prevent such intrusions from outside, but also allowing the passage of sunlight, wind, and sceneries into the house. They come in different types and can vary in styles or materials used for their construction.

Let’s understand how different types of insect screens work aesthetically and situational incidents-

  1. Roller insect screens- to test a screen based on various situations, roller screens end up doing a phenomenal job. Ideal as an affordable solution, roller screen can adapt to any home’s furnishings. They can be used in premium uPVC windows and doors as well.
  2. Pleated insect screens- as one of the most requested model, pleated screens have an oriental touch with their mesh which provides functionality and practicality for daily use.
  3. Hinged insect screens- usually meant for homes which is exposed to a lot of traffic, hinged screens have convenient closing and opening. It allows user the ease to exit and enter without the intervention of the user.
  4. Panel insect screens- usually used on lift and slide doors, panel screens are made of multiple elements, thus allowing vertical and horizontal opening thanks to its modularity.
  5. Low rail insect screens- with a lower thicker bottom, low rail screens is well suited for French doors and high traffic doors due to its compact dimensions. They also facilitate pass ways for wheel chairs and strollers with enough friction to hold them in a position. 
  6. Fly screen blinds- fly screensallows darkening features into your home for aesthetic purposes,and can be fastened with magnetic adhesive tapes for your blinds.

Different types of window screen meshes

  1. Colored UPVC windows and doors – recyclable, reusable and resistant to many adherents, colored UPVC windows and doors are the new trend for your home.
  2. Standard Fiberglass Window Screen- fiberglass can’t be creased, unraveled anddented, thus becoming a flexible and economical solution for our window screens.
  3. Aluminum Wire Window Screen- prevention of corrosion and strengthening of its weaves, allows Aluminium window screen to be strong and durable for its outward visibility.   
  4. Patio, Porch & Pool Insect Screen- a heavy dutymaterial made for patio, porch and pools.
  5. No-See-Um Insect Window Screen- it helps to protect your home from many insects and bugs.
  6. Florida Glass Privacy Screen- it comes with plastic lamination for visibility and protection.
  7. Copper Bronze Window Screen- provides superior strength and durabilitywith a gold finish.

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