uPVC windows

uPVC – The energy efficient alternative to wood

uPVC is an environment-friendly alternative to wood. Windows and doors made out of uPVC offer several advantages such as heat and fire resistance, sound-proof surroundings, freedom from termites, good aesthetics, etc. The same advantages are also offered by uPVC frames. These frames hold the windows and doors in place and support their functionality. They ensure high performance and are easy to clean and maintain.

uPVC door frames

uPVC doors and frames are unyielding towards natural, chemical reactions thus preserving the quality and the sturdiness of the structure. The reason behind this is that uPVC frames are specially designed and created to endure unfavorable climatic conditions.

Owing to the various advantages offered by the uPVC frame, the majority of countries have adopted this unique and advanced material to meet their fenestration needs. The usage of uPVC is also advisable as it prevents the loss of cooling energy due to thermal transfer. uPVC is also UV resistant and is a much better insulator than other materials used to build windows, doors, and frames. Therefore, it doesn’t get heated despite the high temperature and helps to keep the temperature of the interiors down. This feature of uPVC frames helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

The uPVC frame cost is lower than other materials as they have been designed to be easy on your pocket. They are economical both directly and indirectly. They save resources and in turn, help in reducing the operating cost.

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