Visually appealing and robust doors and windows

Being an irreplaceable part of a house, windows and doors add the element of sophistication to a house apart from providing safety and ventilation. One cannot fathom a home without doors and windows. The placement of these essential fenestration elements is vital as well-placed doors and windows provide better ventilation and also reduce energy wastage. Numerous wood, aluminum, glass, and uPVC manufacturers in DelhiGurgaon, Mumbai, and other parts of India are designing and producing elegant doors and windows that cater to the wide requirements of the customer. These doors and windows are made of different material which is strong and visually appealing. The energy efficiency of doors and windows depends on the type of materials they are made from. A plethora of hardware choices is available for interior decorators to choose from. These materials complement the design and enhance the decor of the house.

Advantages of uPVC

Quality of doors and windows is of utmost importance as good quality hardware ensures the elimination of sound, dust, and other unwanted elements. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC is a durable, versatile, and sustainable material used for manufacturing windows and doors. As it is unplasticized, it is comparatively more rigid and has lots of benefits :

  • uPVC unlike wood, steel, iron, or aluminum, retains its shape in all weather conditions.
  • This material is high on performance and lows on maintenance.
  • This material is corrosion-free and lasts long.
  • uPVC doors and windows are climate resistant. 
  • These are termite-proof, fire-resistant, and are completely recyclable.
  • It reduces noise and enhances the ambiance of the homes. 
  • These doors and windows are energy efficient. They insulate your home and maintain the indoor temperature. 
doors and windows

Why Window Magic?

Window Magic is one of the introducers of uPVC windows and doors technology in India. We also design and manufacture partitions, frames for glass fabrications too. All our products are visually appealing. Our designed doors and windows are of high quality and are preferred for their functionality. These world-class uPVC doors and windows are aesthetically pleasing too. You can purchase these functionally strong uPVC doors and uPVC windows online. Also, if you compare uPVC doors price with the prices of uPVC doors of other manufacturers available in the market, you would notice that our products (doors and windows) are comparatively reasonably priced. 
 Our cost-effective products are attractive and provide the required finish. They are ultraviolet resistant and don’t fade due to rain, heat, or pollution. The material is such that it is easy to clean and maintain. We offer a palette of vibrant colors to choose from. Available in subdued colors and light, easy-breezy hues, our colorful doors and windows create an eye-catching architectural feature in the facade.
  In all our dealings, we maintain the highest level of transparency and integrity. We stringently follow national and international quality standards. To meet the herculean requirement of the market, we consistently upgrade our products and the technology used to manufacture these products. Visit our website to know more about our products.        

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