What is fenestration and what are the benefits of uPVC windows and doors?

Fenestration is any perceived opening from the entire envelope of a building, which includes skylights, doors and windows. To improve the environment of your home, it is necessary to include fenestration in your home since it involves ventilation, light circulation and water supply for your daily needs.
Quality of the materials used for fenestration and number of fenestrations matter along with their placement on your home. For example- Single upvc door designs is a popular optionconsidered by many households today.

There are many factors which determine the type of fenestration required by your home such as –

  1. temperature of your environment
  2. position and size of your home
  3. rules and regulations regarding property in your country
  4. climate cycles
  5. criminal activities near and around your area

What are the benefits of fenestration in your home?

  1. Improves passive solar heating and cooling.
  2. It provides fire exits and natural ventilation.
  3. Providing exit and entry to the building.
  4. Increases comfort and provides natural lighting.
  5. Gives a beautiful view if the location is right, especially if you have an uPVC Frame.
  6. Prevents mold growth and other harmful condensation.
  7. Save money by improving the function of air conditioners and furnaces.
  8. Management of condensation if energy efficient windows allows interior warming.

What are the negative effects of fenestration in your home?

  1. All fenestrations results in heat loss from the home.
  2. Radiations such as heat energy is usually absorbed by the material of uPVC windows and doors or any other material used for doors and windows, and it radiates towards the cooler side.
  3. Heat energy can also move through solids of your fenestrations.
  4. Heat energy is also transferred into the air between your fenestration.
  5. Heat energy is also transferred to the air found in seals or gaps of your fenestration.

How to reduce negative effects of fenestration in your home?  

  1. Improperly installed windows can cause draft points, leading to overworked heating and air conditioning. Use incense sticks to find such gaps by finding the swirls of the smoke.

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