If installation space is ready, it takes about 3-4 days for the complete installation process, depending upon the quantities.

The Installation would start after following is done:

  • POP in completed for internal walls
  • Plaster is completed for the cavities in right angle
  • If stone or marble is being installed, then the same should be in ready finish
  • All civil work related activities should be finished
  • Paint except last coat should be completed inside & outside of the building

Yes, we offer After-sales Service within 48 business hours of the complaint registered.

Please feel free to contact us with the below mentioned details:

Phone number: 1800 180 5656
Email: support@windowmagicindia.com

We offer you two complimentary visits within the warranty period.

To clean you need a wet cloth. Chemicals are not required.

It does not require any polishing or regular paintwork of windows and doors require minimal maintenance.

Yes. For more detail, kindly go through our website.

We bring to you options to customize the size of the mesh according to your requirements.

Yes, as it comes with a multi-lock system.

The thickness of the glass depends on the specifications of the different products.

Yes, Window Magic products are sound resistant

Yes, Window Magic’s windows and doors have excellent wind resistance. They can take extreme wind pressure without being affected.

Yes, Window Magic windows and doors remain unaffected in almost all types of weather and have great resistance against air, water, storm, strong sunlight, etc

We offer a warranty of 25 years for our uPVC doors and windows.

Yes, at Window Magic, we bring to you the option to customize the size of the windows and doors according to your requirements.