Green and Energy Efficient Buildings

Window Magic is committed to ‘Go Green’

Window Magic is committed to ‘go green’ and creating a living space that provides a safe and healthy environment. As large cities and mega-cities continue to grow, the primary energy requirement is increasing. With solutions for ‘energy efficient modernization’, the focus is not only on function but also on form and design. Our motto is to nurture Mother Nature and we pride ourselves in taking conscious steps for the preservation and improvement of the environment.

Keeping our cherished motto in mind we have introduced Mr. HOS, who is always high on sustainability. He consciously works towards this goal by spreading awareness about how we can conserve energy and collectively contribute towards making our planet a more environmentally hospitable place. Mr. HOS also acts as a supervisor of sustainability who keeps us in check by reminding us from time to time about adhering to the sustainability standards that we have set for us.