Insect Screen

pull down mesh Insect screen

Pull Down Mesh

Pull Down Mesh system will definitely add extra elegance and upkeep to your abode in terms of remodeling and safety. This glass mesh enjoys features such as fire resistant, dust resistant, water proof and rust proof.

Pleated Mesh

Pleated Mesh was shaped by Japanese and perfected by Germans, ensuring innovation and quality. Avail an extraordinary mesh system with caterpillar chain in order to safeguard your house.

Pleated Mesh mesh Insects Screen Design
zig-zag-mesh Insects Screen for Home

Zig Zag Mesh

Zig Zag meshes come with a “Low Rise Threshold”, thus enabling practically unhindered, no tripping, ingress and/or egress when crossing.

Sliding Mesh

Sliding Mesh screens are widely acclaimed for their compact design, durability and perfect finish. Sliding Mesh can be fitted on the already installed sliding doors & windows. It is available in various customizable options for customers to choose from.

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