Mr. Manjit Bansal

Manjit Bansal is a veteran with more than 35 years of business acumen. His perspicacity in the field of manufacturing has led to repeated success in every business spearheaded by him. He started his journey in 1976 with the manufacturing of wheat threshers in Punjab. In 1987, he kick-started the import of timber from overseas lands. To add to the credibility of his previous business ventures, he moved on to create a company by the name of J V Steel Traders in 1995 that specializes in the trading of M.S Steel. Thereafter, he formed a company named J V Steel Tube which manufactures pipes & tubes and another named Bansal Processing House which manufactures steel.

Putting all his business ingenuities and discernments into play, he bought over an underperforming unit by the name of Window Magic in 2006. His practised insight and prowess proved to roll in his favour. Mr Bansal turned this unit into a leading brand involved in the manufacturing of fenestration systems– Windows and Doors. The brand involved technology-based process that gave a huge success in producing windows and doors, laminations, and glass solutions.

Thereafter in 2012, he launched another company named Cosmic Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. which manufactures HDPE Wax which is used in the myriad industry. Manjit Bansal is a true visionary who continues to lead and pave the way for young generations wanting to make a mark in the field of business.

Ms. Seema Bansal

Ms. Seema Bansal has greatly contributed to the brand Window Magic in the capacity of one of its promoters. Being a woman blessed with an exceptional sense of aesthetics, interiors have always been Ms. Bansal’s play area. Since the inception of Window Magic, she has carefully infused her exemplary ideas into crafting some of the best window and door designs to meet the fenestration needs of our customers.

Ms. Bansal’s silent strength has helped Window Magic reach its present heights. Her detailed-oriented and highly motivated approach have led to our brand’s growth and improved process efficiencies. Her natural talent, knowledge, and expertise have put Window Magic on the zenith of the Indian market.

Besides being associated with Window Magic, Ms. Bansal also lends her brilliance and specialised knowledge to Cosmic Petrochem Pvt. Ltd.- another venture by the owners of Window Magic, as one of its promoters. She has added a huge value to Cosmic Petrochem by providing her valuable insights regarding the development of the brand.

Mr. Manish Bansal

Having acquired a degree from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Mr. Manish Bansal is the current CEO & Director of Window Magic and spearheads a leading fenestration brand in India. He is a successful business leader prospering in the building and construction equipment industry. Manish played a significant role in transforming Window Magic into a profitable venture. His clear vision, commitment to quality standards, market & consumer foresightedness added new insights to Window Magic as a company.

Manish holds distinct expertise in global strategic management including development, expansion, and turnaround initiatives. His belief and understanding of future market trends have helped in popularizing all products in India. Manish has successfully established a reputation of being a dynamic, visionary, and strategic leader in the industry.

Ms. Aanchal Bansal

Ms. Aanchal Bansal’s expertise has provided brand recognition and credibility to Window Magic. She works to promote the company’s products and services across India through digital and offline marketing tools.

Ms. Aanchal Bansal looks after the promotion and branding of the company. An from the University of Punjab and an MBA from a premier institute of Delhi, Ms. Aanchal is an ambitious and passionate professional. She is not just involved in planning excellent branding and digital marketing plans for Window Magic but also executing them most effectively. Her efforts and dedication have added a new dimension to the company.

Ms. Surbhi Bajaj

Ms. Surbhi Bajaj is a success story by all measures. Right after returning to India on the completion of her Masters in International Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Glasgow, Scotland in 2014, she took the challenge of transforming Window Magic into a strong competitor in the fenestration market that it is today. She also holds a Diploma in Finance from ISBF. Being a people person, Ms. Bajaj uses all her energy and skills in expanding the dimensions of the business she is associated with. Her technical know-how and the ability to adopt organizational systems as active tools help her to drive her business effectively. An avid reader, traveller, fitness enthusiast, and sportsperson at heart, Ms. Surbhi treats every problem as a challenge and a stepping stone to take her organization in a positive direction.