merits of kommerling uPVC

Merits of Kommerling uPVC

Advantages of Using KÖMMERLING uPVC Profile
Systems Over Others
Sr. No. Description KÖMMERLING uPVC Others
1 Tropical Mix Yes No
2 Unleaded stabilizers Yes Few
3 Less amount of filler content Yes No
4 Higher wall thickness > 2.2-2.4 mm < 2.0-2.2 mm
5 International Certification Yes No
6 Higher Energy ratings Yes No
7 Higher Surface Gloss Yes Yes
8 Fire Certification Yes No
9 Low emission of toxic gases Yes No
10 Low level of decomposition Yes No
11 EPDM gaskets for optimum sealing Yes Few
12 Special design for optimum acoustic / Thermal Insulation Yes No
13 Best Hardware compatibility Yes No
14 Compatibility with varied glass thickness Yes No
15 Experience >50 years No
16 Expert customized solutions Yes Yes