uPVC- Koemmerling & Roto Frank


For the uPVC product range, Window Magic has partnered with Koemmerling, a brand with more than 100 years of experience in ensuring reliable window systems.

Koemmerling, a strong brand under the Profine Group, was established as a trading organization in 1897 by Karl Kömmerling. The company started the production of PVC roller shutters in 1957 and the extrusion of window profiles and PVC sheets in 1967. This success brought about the company’s dramatic expansion.

Koemmerling has set its goals of manufacturing products that meet the highest standards in terms of quality and performance. Besides aesthetics, it also ensures peak technical and physical performance values and an extremely long life with minimum care and maintenance. Quality for Koemmerling doesn't only mean producing a wide range of products, but also ensuring excellent research, development, production, professional application, and recycling of the products.

Koemmerling is also a leading brand with expertise in various kinds of PVC sheets and their applications.

Roto Frank AG

Founded in 1935 by Wilhelm and Elfriede O. Frank, Roto Frank AG is one of the supporting groups of Window Magic. Roto Frank AG specializes in door and window technologies. Owing to its belief in sustainable development, Roto Frank AG also manufactures roof solar systems. The organization is flourishing at an accelerated rate and has already set 12 production plants worldwide.

Aluminium- Alupure & Technal


World-class Profile for Modern Architecture

Turning dreams to reality with International products. AluPure is a Germany based leading manufacturer of uPVC profiles for windows and doors worldwide. The brand has also marked its presence in shutter systems and PVC sheets.

The profile is defined to perfectly complement modern architecture. Their classic lines offer the highest level of quality and security through AluPure aluminium windows, doors and sliding systems. The company provides perfect functionality, making it the best choice for modern architects. All the credit for the fame goes to the high stability, extreme durability and low maintenance over their long service lives.

AluPure aluminium elements are timeless, non-flammable, colourfast, and 100% recyclable. The profile successfully passes all the architectural challenges with flying colours. Being weather-resistant, all the value and appearance elements are preserved for ages.

How your own home looks depends on the design of the window and door elements. For this reason, AluPure offers interior designers great creative freedom to characterise the style of your home.


Creating the Future of Architecture

Technal Façade Systems offer an optimal solution for modern architecture, combining phenomenal energy performance with innovative solutions in a single design. The systems give plenty of room for creativity by optimizing various construction aspects. The profile offers cost-effective production that meets the highest performance requirements in real-time.

Technal systems are built with a visionary mind to promote an energy-efficient economy. The company aims to sustain and reuse materials to their fullest. The low carbon façade guarantees a low carbon footprint for a greener tomorrow.

Every building deserves an enormous scope for designing and creating unique architectural landmarks worldwide. The new-age systems ensure maximum process security and performance along with freedom of design. Our profiles are well-suited for purpose-built master plan development including startups and international stores.

The cost-effective solutions are offered to fully meet individual requirements.