What Is Aluminium

why aluminium windows used

What is Aluminium ?

A versatile metal stringed with several advantages, Aluminium exhibits a good combination of strength and ductility. It is also resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, polished Aluminium has a strong reflectance property and hence, can be used for various decorative and functional purposes. Last but not the least, it has sound-absorbing properties and is 100% non-toxic. Thus, it is the perfect metal that can be used at a broader level in fenestration systems.

Why Aluminium ?

In today’s time, the need and requirements of modern-day fenestration are successfully met by Aluminium. It weighs about 1/3rd the weight of steel and iron offering a much lighter end product. Unlike other metals, Aluminium offers strong mechanical properties with surface finishes and colours that are unmatchable. This makes it a bespoke choice for customers. Its strength property makes it suitable for slimmer profiles which other traditional fenestration profiles fail to accommodate. In addition to being machinable, aluminium can be designed to meet sustainability and efficiency requirements as well.